Book of Nox Board Game


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This complete Board Game follows the adventures of  Group of Victorians exploring strange lands and battling a host of evil cultists and monsters in a traditional Victorian setting.


6 x Metal character models (Plus the Invisible Man)

14 x Metal cultist models

1 x Metal possessed model

10 x 3D resin tile sections

  • 3 xWalled Corridors
  • 1 x Walled Dungeon Room
  • 1 x Walled Room 1
  • 1 x Walled Room 2
  • 1 x Walled Room 3
  • 1 x WalledT section
  • 1 x Walled Corner
  • 1 x Collapsed Corridor

4 x 3D Resin doorways with removable doors

4 x Resin Trapdoors

1 x Resin Corrupted Column

5 x Metal wall torches

12 x Dice

AI cards

Quick Start rulebook


The Main rulebook can be found as a free pdf either in the post section on this website or on our facebook page ‘Book of Nox’.